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Guest dontbejudged

WA visa application any advice appreciated!

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Guest dontbejudged

Hi there,


My husband and I are new to this site, we posted this in the western oz section and were also advised to post in the migration section aswell.


We are currently in the process of applying for a SMV and have been waiting endlessly for the state skills lists to be published to see what our options are.


Thankfully my husbands trade of toolmaker is on the list and we have been sent a list of information we have to submit for the application which is as follows:


Updated cv for you both.

Information on funds available for transfer

Names, address for any friends family you have in WA

If you have ever been to WA when, where, what did you see etc.

Estimate the costs you would incur for your move and what you expect to be spending on in your first 3 months in the country. i.e. rental deposit, gas, elect, vehicle, transport etc.

Preferred area to live in WA and your reasons for the choice.



This is all very well asking all these questions but unless you live and work in a place its not so easy to get valid information.


We are thinking of living near to Perth city centre with good transport links however this will depend on what area we find jobs in.


Does anybody know if there is a main indusry area in perth?


Plus I am a dental nurse I believe you call me dental assistant so any info on that would great.


The cv, funds and people we no and visiting bit we can do.


Any information and advice would be very much appreciated.

We look forward to hearing you.


Fee & Ken:smile:

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Guest JLT

We visited Perth last Christmas on a reccie so can give you some basic info if it's of any use to you.

I don't know anything about toolmaking, but I'm guessing he would work in one of the suburbs rather than the Central Business District in Perth as this is office based. I'm sure if you did a google search on toolmakers in Perth it would throw some businesses up. I have a feeling these would perhaps be more in east Perth as we drove past more industrial areas on the airport run and on our trip to Whiteman Park.

A rental costs however much you want to spend and depends on what your requirements are. If you have children, then I'd expect to pay about $400 per week on a 3 bedroom house and add on another $100 if you want something nice or with a pool. That's a rental in a decent area, not the likes of Cottesloe maybe, which is a bit more pricey.

When we were doing some expenses, we were expecting to need about $4000 per month as we have 2 children. This included me needing a car, whilst my husband would use the train to get into the city. Food is a bit more pricey, although that may not be the case come midnight when the VAT goes up on everything! We spent about $35 each time we did a shop that lasted about 3 days.

You don't sound as tho you have done a reccie and I'm no expert by any stretch but we have been on this visa mission for a while now so have done loads of research that I'm happy to discuss if needed.

Good luck,


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Guest JLT

A couple of other things I forgot to put down.

Our shipping costs were about £3000 as we expected to ship everything we owned. You can get quotes from the main international movers. Do your homework and read the small print though to make sure all shipping fees are covered.

Until very recently I was working as a Dental Nurse and might do again if I ever get to Perth! No...when I get to Perth! Unlike here, Dental Nurses in Australia don't have to be qualified but I imagine most practices would rather you were. There are jobs for Dental Nurses but they are mostly placed in the local papers. Dentistry is private so the pay is better too.

Hope some of this helps.

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Guest dontbejudged

Hi Jo,


Thanks for the reply.

Its just the two of us going over and we have not done a reccie but visited Perth in 2004 while we were backpacking not the same as a recci we know but it is from that visit that we have decided to go across.


However, we know it is completley different to backpacking.


Any info you can provide would be brilliant thanks:smile:

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