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Guest mark&robyn

Pre Grant Letter & Visa Evidencing?

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Guest mark&robyn

Hi All,


We received our pre grant letter for our 175 visa on NYE stating we have to leave australia to have it granted.


We have to provide our travel dates to our CO.


In the letter it states that you should leave at least 3 working days after departure from Australia before approaching the embassy to have visa's evidenced.


Is it essential to have your visa evidenced whilst away or will it be stored electronically, so we can back into Oz?


Can we have visa's evidenced back in Oz at a later date?


We are considering going to Christchurch, where there is no embassy so could not get evidenced.


Any Help much appreciated - need to book flights tonight but in a dilema of where to go & how long for!


If Christchurch a no go, then considering Vanuatu - anyone been???


Many Thanks!!



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just bouncing u up on d thread list hope u get a reply

Skill assessment applied on: 9/01/09 rcvd on: 12/03/09 ACT State Sponsorship applied on: 07/04/09 rcvd on: 11/12/09 176 Visa Application made on: 19/02/2010 CO Allocated 12/11/10 Medicals& PCC 13/01/2011 Job Verification 05/05/2011 Visa Grant

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