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Daughter offered a scholarship but wants to leave!!

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We moved in Sept 2009 and daughter joined year 10 at secondary college.

She has just completed year 11 and done very well with awards and reports.

The dilemma is she wants to leave and be a florist but school have just offered her a scholarship for year 12. Anyone know what this involves?

The reason she wants to leave is because we haven't been here long enough for her to qualify for Youth Allowance (all the friends do) so she wants some $$$$.

She completed her GCSEs in UK before we came and got A's and Bs there think she is just over the school thing but wish she would do the VCE it opens more doors.


TIA xx

47SV Special Migrant Former Resident Visa Applied 15.9.08 Granted 10.3.09

Arrived 19.9.09 Lovin' it!!

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