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Guest hzxu

Some new information regarding ICT - Recent Graduate nec applicants

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Guest hzxu

Hello, I got this message from some source, it is created three days ago, it's very likely that this will be the announcement of IMMI after discussing with ACS:


The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, the Hon Chris Bowen Mp, is concerningGeneral Skill Migrationi(GSM) visa application and made following announcement:


Enquiries concerned Australian Computing Society (ACS) skills assessment as Computing Professional not elsewhere classified (nec) and asked whether obtaining afurther skills assessment will enable General Skilled Migration visa Skilled Occupation List (SOL).


The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is aware that there has been a degreeof uncertainty regarding those applicants whose skills were assessed by ACS asComputing Professionals nec prior to 1 July 2010.


In discussion with the ACS, the Department has the following advice relating tothose visa applicants who:



Lodged their application onthe basis of a skills assessment by the (ACS) in the Australian StandardsClassification of Occupations (ASCO) occupation of Computing Professionals nec prior to 1 July 2010; and



Subsequently sought a review of their skills assessment from the ACS to determine their skilled occupation under Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations(ANZSCO)



IF after reviewing the materials provided for the original skills assessment, the ACS assess anapplicants occupation as suitable against an ANZSCO occupation the Departmentwill priorities the application based on that ANZSCO occupation.


However, results from new skills assessment or new skills assessment with additional/different materials assessed by the (ACS) cannot be treaded suitable proof for applicationpriorities as applicants cannot change their nominated occupation; ComputingProfessional nec in ASCO.


So here are some points:


1 IT applicants with SA of 223179 ICT Recent Graduate(nec), can get into G3 if you review your skill assessment and get a suitable outcome

2 You have to do the review within 60 days after your SA

3 contradiction: applicants facing the 223179 -> G4 issue are applicants who got SA outcome before 1st July, which is more than 60 days from now, so no review can be done.

4 Applying a new skill assessment does not work as you cannot change your occupation.

5 Also, from ACS: "f you have already used the assessment outcome letter for Migration purposes, then the assessment process is regarded as finished and no Review request can be made."

6 HOWEVER, there is a PAID REVIEW which does not have 60 days limit(hopefully):


Read page 30


So, conclusion is, they KNOW this is not fair and they will be in problem if they do not solve it and people go the MRT way, but they tried their best to get money, if you are a 223179 applicant, according to their rules, you cannot get a review for free, you have to pay.

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Guest hzxu

Sorry I got something wrong, there is no free review now, PAID review is the only option and have to be done within 60 days after receiving your SA outcome, so there is still no way for 223179 applicants, Immigration Office made such a joke.

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