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Guest g4netau

Please Help! A request from Australian GSM Group 4 Applicants!

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Guest g4netau

There is a group of people in Australia who love this country and did a lot of hard work to try to stay.


They submitted a valid application when they met all the requirements set by the Department of Immigration.


However, many of them have been waiting for a decision of their application for more than 2 years. It is 3 years and even more for some of them.


Now this group of people seem to be forgotten: their application will only be assessed when the application of Group 1, 2, and 3 have all been finalized.


What does this mean? Basically, the group 1, 2, 3 are having new applications all the time, which means there is no estimated time frame for Group 4 to know when their application will even be assess (not to mention to be approved to become a Australian Permanent Residence).


Most of the Group 4 are allowed to work full time while they are waiting. But they never know when or whether they will be accepted after this endless waiting time. Many of Group 4 applicants speak fluent English (IELTS 7 and above). They have many Aussie friends and are used to the life style in this country that they love.


Their plan of life can not move forward. They are not sure about their future in Australia. They spent money and time in the country they love, the one they would like to live in for the rest of their lives. But they are suffering during the waiting while the Department of Immigration just not care enough about them to tell them even when a decision will be made.


The factor that this is happening in Australia where people all believe in a fair go is heart breaking. Group 4 Applicants are really crying for help. This is not about cutting down immigrations: the reduce of migration plan is doing it as a fact! This is not about stopping the boat: all group 4 applicants have submitted a valid application and met all the requirement set by law under the Australia General Skilled Migration plan. This is not about stealing Australian's job: many of the group applicants are allowed to work and are working already. This is about fairness: simple concept that you might say no when you see people jumping the queue to buy movie tickets. We should stop that. People's application should be assess in due course. Even if priority is necessary, an endless waiting time is just nothing near fairness.


So if you do care about this unfair treatment that is going on in Australia, PLEASE support us

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Guest rachbarlow

I agree with what you are saying I have been boinged up and down these cats and messed about by agents and the diac for 4 years 1 month now. However................ and I don't mean this funny, but there are thousands of people in the same situation and no matter how much we rant and rave at these people they are cleary not interested! There are rules and regs, some which benefit more than others, most which are not very clear and changed like the wind, but that is life!


I have over the past years got myself so wound up, where I feel ill and depressed with the whole thing, but to be honest there is no point! With me this has FINALLY twigged!! It is only you that it affects and feels the brunt of it! You that is wound up and spending hours unecessarily trawling the internet for something not there. Been there done that! I have learned, even though I don't like it and would love to change it but I can't, what will be will be. It is very annoying and unfair when someone comes into the process and bang weeks later have their visa...........


I wanted my visa and I had plans years ago but there we go............... I feel like an idiot sometimes esp at school, when they clearly see I have not gone anywhere, I look like the mad obsessive parent who talks utter rubbish about moving and never does! I am trying to be patient for WA's SMP, but I know that it is no up to them, the DIAC control everything!! I just hope that it is released soon and in our favour then we can clear off from this hell hole of the uk. If not...... then it is Australia's loss for lossing a hard working dedicated family and we will simply look elsewhere!

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