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Guest Jeddah1

Require Spouse Visa to the UK

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Guest Jeddah1

Hi! I'm new to this site and what a welcome relief to read so many topics that apply to my life right now. My british huband and I are planning on returning to the UK in the new year. I'm an Australian and we're in WA. We were married in the UK got my 2yr stay and work letter than left for WA before the end of that term due to illness in my family here. We had to go through the rigours of immigration for him once we got here despite having been married and proof of names on bills. Does it get any easier to apply for a spouse visa to RETURN to UK from Oz if you've been married longer than say, 7yrs? What becomes of the extra months that I didn't complete back in the UK? Does anyone know? Reading the posts it seems there is a long wait between filing the application and waiting for the outcome from Canberra!


Also, can anyone share with me the cost of this UK spouse visa for Canberra? If we plan to return in March 2011 should I apply now or wait closer to the time? I've also read that you need an 'invitation' letter from family in the UK to support the application - what details should be included in this letter? Sorry for the barrage of questions! :(

Much appreciated. Thank you.


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