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Guest tommy135

Spouse 309 or 820 ?

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Guest tommy135

Hi Everyone, Could you please, help me to clear some point below:

I just got TR (subclass 485) few days ago.

I planning to comeback to my country to get married on December-2010 and come back here on Jannuary-2011.

In April-2011, after finish professional year for accounting (get 10 more points), I will apply straight to PR.


My wife want to come here with me, I still confuse which spouse visa would be a good choice.

309 (offshore) or 820 (onshore).


Option 1: She take visitor visa (976 or 676 ) to come here, and we will apply PR together in April.


Option 2: After i apply PR in April, she will apply 309 in my country and come back here later.


which one will be faster ?


Many thanks,

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You cannot sponsor your wife either onshore or offshore for a 976 or a partner visa until you are a permanent resident. Did you take advice about including her on your 485?

Westly Russell Registered Migration Agent 0316072 www.pinoyau.com

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