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Guest shelglen

sponsorhip for auto electrician/experience on earth moving equip

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Guest shelglen

Dear All, we are very down. Hubby has passed TRA for auto electrician, I have spent 2 years requalifying as Australian lawyer we cannot seem to get past the tick box system and recruitment agents to find jobs. We need a job sponsor.


Hubby is one of the best ever auto electricians with experience on heavy trucks and emergency vehicles and coaches . Every job if it does not stipulate must have visa to apply stipulates , mining equipment experience required. We cannot despite trying find anywhere in UK to get that experience.



Having spent over £6,000 and 2 years studying by distance learning and the cost of a trip to get admitted as a lawyer and 2 years of looking for a job for hubby we are now very depressed and time is against us due to our ages.


We do not have family in Australia but I have loved the country for 25 years and been a regular visitor. Took hubby out there for holiday and he fell in love too.

Hubby has been told that if he gets a visa there will be no propblem with his skills getting work. Chicken and egg syndrome!!!

We just want one person to see us as individuals and recognise our committment to Australia and talk to us, or provide us an avenue to obtain the mining, experience on earth moving equipment. I guarantee you hubby will amaze you with his talent.

It would be encouraging if even one person replied to our job enquiries.

Any ideas, gratefully received,


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Are they specific about what they mean by mining equipment? Fpr example, a Detroit Series 4000 is used to power Terex electric drive haul trucks, but they're also used for generators and boat engines, so if you've worked on a 4000 then you do have experience with the power plant from mining equipment, just not when it's in a haul truck.


Can you leave out a few details from the CV to get to interview? Put that you've worked on Komatsu excavators (if you have, don't lie), but don't mention that they were 30 tonne, not 250.


When companies state that they want you to have experience with mining equipment, what they're actually asking for is experience with mining OHS which is a league above civilian OHS, always always always emphasise your committment to safety and safe work practises.


Also, where are you trying to find a job, there's been a heap of ads on TV after auto elecs here in Mackay recently.


Good luck

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