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Finding Long Term rent from abroad is possible...

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As many of you know, finding long term rent in Australia from abroad is almost impossible!


I feel that it heavily depends on the area your are looking at as the demand and supply will be different. However, I have just managed to do it!!! This is how...


1. Extensive research on where you want to live (I mean the area)

2. Check out the best areas which suites you and your family (proximity to work and play, children's school etc)

3. Use Google maps! Zoom in the area you like. You'll get an idea how it looks!

4. Once you're happy with the area and are sure of it, go to domain.com.au and realestate.com.au and get an idea of what's available there and the rent pricing

5. Now here's the trick! Forget real estate agents! There is no way you can get an answer or even be considered for rent. I have tried....the feedback was null!

6. Now begins your extensive research on what renting house/complexes/units/apartments etc are out there which you can deal directly with land lords or complex managers.

7. If you research well, talk to people, ask on forums, you'll find some contacts.

8. Make sure that these contacts are not fake but real and if possible try to get some info on the place. Maybe you can send a friend to check?

9. Call them!!! Call many of them! I called many of them and all of them told me that its too early, need to be there or otherwise.

10. But if you get lucky, you'l get one ;) Make sure you get photos of the house!

11. Be prepared to fill a few paper work online. You'll receive a few application forms as images or pdf, you'd need to fill them up, sign them, scan them and send them back.

12. You'd also need to send scanned copies of your passports, ID cards, utility bills, reference letters etc

13. Be prepared to transfer the bond and a few weeks rent in advance. In my case, I sent the bond and 2 weeks rent in advance. You don't need to sent them immediately, but this will depend on the landlord.

14. If possible, ask someone to go and check and speak to the landlord. If not, call them, once, twice and have a few chats. Usually you can tell if they are genuine.




1. There is small percentage of risk

2. What if you don't like the house/street? Photos lie!!!!

3. Are you dealing with a genuine landlord? If you do your homework right, you should be fine.

4. Most house are unfurnished, especially long term. So be prepared to sleep on a mattress on the floor and eat out until you buy/ship in stuff




1. You save money on hotels/motels/short lets!

2. Less stress looking for a house!

3. You'll feel more settled on arrival, more home...



NOTE: I have not arrived in OZ yet, so I still need to pass through this experience. It might end up a bad one, not sure. Maybe it will be worse. I feel it won't.


I felt I should share this with you, just in case some of you prefer my approach. So, I'll let you know how it went in a few weeks time :wink:


Good Luck out there!




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We also sorted a rental from the UK...


But I was lucky that my brother lived here and he viewed the house for us and he answered all the questions I needed answering about the house.


Without my brothers input would we have gone for this house?????????


We love the house and will be extending the lease for another 12 months.


We saved a lot of money this way also...


Good luck and I hope it works out for you



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We rented from the UK, a friend checked out the property for us. It saved a fortune in costs and meant we were able to establish ourselves very quickly as we had an address. We had to go out and buy a fridge ( and a few other electricals) on day 1 and otherwise we camped kids on blow up beds us on mattress on floor, I had enough bedding in suitcases( weather was still warm) bought a few basics from Ikea and was leant some not much furniture. It is possible as long as you can manage living with basics for a few weeks.

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