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The Walkabout Creek Hotel

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Guest guest37336

Hi Graemsay.


I'd buy it like a shot mate. I would then transform it into an English style pub/eatery. There would be an English cottage garden outside, the menu would consist of steak and kidney pie, sausages and mash etc.


I would then get Directors and Abbot Ale on tap, and flowers adorning all the tables. I'd also put some of those useless garden umbrellas that take off in the slightest wind and finish with decorating the walls with pictures of Her majesty.


Seriously though, I don't think I would stay in business long, :biglaugh::biglaugh:.


Like you said mate, a great opportunity if the money was available. I would buy it if I could mate. I really would, love that part of the world, always have.


Cheers Tony.:wink:

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