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Guest amoeba

Flying out via Hong Kong

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Guest amoeba

Sorry if this has been asked already but the search isn't working right now.


I have a stopover of 10 hours at Hong Kong on the way to Perth. Can I get out of the airport to go into the city? Do I need any extra paperwork, can I leave hand baggage anywhere, and where do I go to get into the city? Any must sees that will fit into an afternoon?


Thanks :cute:

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Hi we did hong kong, only had a small stop of just over 4 hours, and we were unable to leave the airport, not sure if you can for longer stays, sorry :wideeyed:

Oz is Beautiful, but the uk is home :wubclub:

Returned to Bournemouth 20th August 2010


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Guest sceadugenga

There's a train service runs into town but it's not real cheap.

About $40AUD seems to ring a bell.

From the airport website....






Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is served by a highly efficient and comprehensive transport network, making it easy to get to and from.

Arriving and departing passengers have plenty of choice. The Airport Express links HKIA directly to Hong Kong's central business district and buses connect the airport with most of the city.

While taxis and coaches provide additional choices for passengers, there are also limousines which take passengers to their destinations directly.


Once into town there's an underground/tube system that's cheap and quick.

For shopping head for the Stanley Markets.

Go via the ferry to Hong Kong Island, the world's cheapest boat ride.

Shop in Nathan Road, great shopping.

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