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Guest PasonJayne

Timescales of new ENS application of existing GSM

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Guest PasonJayne

Question i think for Gill, so thanks in advance.


I would be interested to know what timescales would be involved if i was to apply for a temporary ENS visa over my existing GSM 176 Visa.


This is my current timeline:


GSM 175 Visa Lodged December 2009

SS - VIC approved February 2010


Current occupation on SOL 3 so at priority 3. If on SMP for VIC will move up to Priority 2.


Big question is when will SMPs be released? If another 2-3 months and then my occupation is not on the list then I will stay in priority 3 and be dealt with in date order after all the other applications which could be another year or so.


Therefore I am considering flying to Australia next month to try and find an employer who will temporary sponsor me until my GSM 176 is granted. The big question is though what timescales would be invloved in getting an ENS visa? Would this be the same timeframe compared to the SMP's been released soon and i move to Priority 2 processing. If so then there would be no point but if an ENS could be approved within a few months then it may be worth it although there would be more costs involved.


Many thanks for any advice.

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