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Guest MelissaC

Opinions on Art and design in Mt Martha

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Guest MelissaC



this may be an unusual post, but I'll never know if you dont ask!


My hubby and I are thinking about moving to Mt Martha from Melbourne.


I am a graphic designer and artist and work for myself. I wanted to know if there is an art and design interest and appreciation or focus in Mt Martha as I am wanting to run an exhibiton of my work and run an art class for children.


Any opionions would be greatley appreciated.


Thanks so much!

Ps I really hope we can move!... Depends of finding the right land/house and land opportunity at a comfortable price!

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There are quite a few art galleries around the area and there are artists who live in the area as well. Not sure about the interest, I guess if we are interested in a subject we know a lot about it.


I like glass so I know there is the Gordon Studio in Red Hill.


I think you would need to get established wherever you go and best to approach a few galleries and discuss your questions with them. So have a google around. A lot of arty stuff is word of mouth.


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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