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Guest gail.crease

Citizenship resident requirement

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Guest gail.crease

I'm not sure this is the right section to ask this question. We're on PR visas. OH and I may be posted by our Australian company to Singapore temporarily for 2 years. We'll have done 3 years out of our 4 years residence requirement by then. Does anyone know if we'll have to start our 4 years residence again or have problems obtaining a RRV as we'll exceed our 5 year visa too.


I looked at the Australian citizenship residence requirements and found that under ministerial discretions section:


If you have spent time outside Australia as a permanent resident with your spouse or partner, or are the surviving spouse or partner of an Australian citizen and have a close and continuing association with Australia, then that period of time may be treated as time spent in Australia.


I assume we'll be classed as having a close and continuing association with Australia if we're working for an Oz company. We don't own a house here so we'll not have any assets while we're away to prove association to Oz.


If we don't go OH will probably spend a lot of time travelling for work in Asia. Will this be added up towards any time spent outside Australia or is it exempt if it's work related?


Hope someone's got some knowledge on this.


Thanks in advance.



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Guest guest36187

I have to say I am not sure but I hope that you get the answers that you are looking for x

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This is also something we were wondering about, so thanks for your post! My hubbie and I haven't even made it to Oz yet! But as hubbie plans to work offshore when we move, he has wondered if he will be able to apply for citizenship? We wondered if because he will work for aussie firm and pay aussie tax, if that will count?

Hope you get an answer

Gill x

Gill (40!), nurse, and Mal (43), ROV pilot tech.

IELTS 8.5 01/10, ANMC 05/10, SA SS 10/10, 176 application 11/10, 01/11 on SA SMP!!!, CO 14/2/11, visa granted 17/03/11 :yes:, living in SA since aug 2011.

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