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house moving firm in melbourne

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Hi we are due to move at the end of the month. more packing and moving while trying to work is going to be a nightmare since the new place is over an hours drive away from where we are.


anyone ever used a removal firm to do a local move? If so, whos recommended?

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Guest gary12

we used Man with a van I think it is called, my god did they work hard, it was 30+ degrees and they didn't stop. We had moved most of the small things ourselves but they helped with the white goods, beds all of the big things. I managed to do it with my hubby at work and 2 kids in the house. I think it cost about $400 and as I said they earned every penny.


MAN WITH A VAN - Moving Melbourne




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Hi Chris

Where are you off? Have you finally got your own place or are you off to another rental. I am sure you have already said but my memory is like a sieve at the moment. Good luck with it all.


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