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Guest purpleiglet

Health & Safety jobs in aus???

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Guest purpleiglet

hi folks,

Unusally i am a female qualified and time served plumber and gas engineer here in the UK, i recently graduated from University (where i studied part time in the evenings whilst working full time) with a HNC (higher national certificate) in Building studies, at the moment i havent yet done anything with the recently gained qualification but i do wish to follow the health and safety route and do the NEBOSH course but also planning on moving to brisbane within the next 5 years am i just wasting my time with the health and safety or would i be able to use my qualifications over there?? do they mean the same as in the UK?? what extra training would i have to do ??? whats the adverage salary for a Health and safety advisor / inspector in aus??

Please help as i'm not too sure which career path to take?!?!?! failing the health and safety route is there a demand for female plumbers in aus??




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