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TRA question 8 and stat dec

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Hi, I'm a wall and floor tiler who has been self employed for the last 3 years and the year before that worked for a guy who I have lost contact with as he is also in Oz. I have to do stat dec in which I tell all about my tiling experience, but can I just copy all that for question 8 in the TRA application form as both wants the same as far as I understand it. HOpe anyone can give me some ideas on this especially those who has done similar.:eek:

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We have (or should that be OH) just passed the TRA assessment and for Q8 we just said 'all the information requested is stated in the statutory declaration' as clearly you are justing repeating yourself.

Applied 176 visa (family sponsored) 09 Sept 10/ DIAC email received 18 Mar 11/ Meds finalised 15 Apr 11/ Police Cert 30 Apr 11/ VISA GRANTED 17 MAY 2011 :biggrin:

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