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Guest Draecos

Medical insurance costs and advice for child heart condition

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Guest Draecos

New to the PIO forums so a hello to all.


I've recently passed my skills assessment and next stage is to apply for our visa. One question we can't seem to get answered is relating to medical insurance for our son who was born with a severe heart defect. He isn't disabled and appears as a normal, healthy 1 year old that just gets tired easier.


We need to find out who we need to speak to and who would be the best insurance company. He is due to have a major operation when he is about 4 or 5 so the insurance would need to cover that and any little operations he may need and ongoing prescription drugs.


Am I asking the right questions and have the right understanding of what we need?


Appreciate any advice.





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You might want to find an agent who deals with medical conditions - there may be a difficulty getting a visa if there is the likelihood of a significant medical cost in the future for him. You may find insurance hard to come by actually as there is usually a pre-existing conditions exemption and you would definitely have to declare his pre-existing condition. However, if you can get over the visa hurdle, he would be covered by medicare. A good agent is probably going to be essential (Peter Bollard is often suggested in this area)

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