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starting a PhD in NSW

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Hi I wonder if anyone has the time and patience to advice me!lol

I have been offered a place and scholarshipo to undertake a PhD at the Uni of NSW in Feb 2011. I will be moving down under (yey!!) with an 8 year old and need much advice as to where to look to l;ive!


I don't really want to live in the city even though the uni campus I am attached too is in Kensington - I would prefer a more beach/suburb location with families and houses as oppose to apartments and flats. Ideally I want this 'ideal' location to be within train/bus travel of Kensington so that I can get to Uni quickly and back to get my daugther from school!


I know...when I read it it sounds like I want the world without probs but I'm not picky, my priority is a nice family area close too a good school.


With much anticipation



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