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? best time to have medicals and police checks

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hi, we are currently in catagory 3. 175 visa applied august 2009. oh is a boilermaker, i spoke to a woman from diac last week who informed me that if i left our application alone, i.e. didnt apply for ss, we were looking at being granted our visa approx july 2011 or maybe sooner. She also informed me that currently feb 2008 applications were being dealt with. and for more of an update to call back in 8 weeks.


now i have a dilemma, we want to have another baby, so are thinking of having medicals and police checks done fairly soon, i wondered how long they are valid for, and how much they are.


thanks nicola

boilermaker and midwife. 175 visa granted may 2011. now living near newcastle nsw

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Police and medical checks are valid for a year from the date that they're performed. I think that they're around £200 per adult.


The problem with medicals is the x-ray. So your husband could hold off having his medical check until the CO is assigned, and police checks can also wait.


However the initial entry date for your visa will be 12 months from the date of these checks. So if you have them carried out now, and are granted a visa in July 2011 then you'd have a month to get there.

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