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Rta recruiting - too soon!

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I can't believe it! I'd heard a rumour that NSW RTA had purchased a fleet of mobile speed camera units, well, they're now recruiting 4 Camera Specialists.

Problem is, I've put my Prospective Marriage Visa application in and am waiting...... The closing date is 27th August and I'm in Sydney from 9th till 20th September 2010!!!!!!!! Would be a great time for an interview.....

Should I apply and hope they'll consider me or should I contact their recruitment unit first so I don't waste my time completing the application process for them to say I'm not able to apply due to not having a current valid visa?????

The role has come out of nowhere, I am qualified to do the job, it would be great timing!!!:policeman:

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I wonder if you contacted them and provided evidence that you have submitted your visa application, although to be honest I don't think that you will get the job until the visa is in your hand. Sometimes though the recruitment process can take forever so who knows??

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I would contact them saying your currently in the process of applying for a visa and interested in the position, they may put you on a waiting list or at least give you an idea of where you stand ,got to be worth a try. I think just submitting an application without a visa would not work and it would just be binned.

Cal x

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