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Migration Agent Fined. A MIGRATION agent who took more than $20,000 from a woman but failed to lodge her visa application has been fined $5000 and ordered to pay compensation.


In Nowra Local Court, Laurence Henry Glenagfen Jones, 72, of Campbell Crescent, Moss Vale pleaded guilty to fraud.



His victim, a woman from England who wanted to live in the Shoalhaven with her daughter, has been waiting three years to get her money back.

Andrew Smith, B. Bus., M. Ed. Web http://www.aiec.hu Blog http://aiecquest.wordpress.com

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Stopping the boats, but not the migrants.


Although John Howard strode off the Australian political stage in November 2007, we are still reaping the benefits of his legacy today. Thanks to John Howard, Peter Costello will never be prime minister. Thanks to John Howard, One Nation was destroyed as a political force, because the Coalition assimilated its major policies. And thanks to John Howard, I still can't look at a Wallabies tracksuit without sniggering....


....And where are we, nine years later? Neither side of politics is willing to state the obvious about boat people: it's just not that big a deal. Five thousand arrivals a year is a drop in the Pacific Ocean of a migration program of hundreds of thousands. There's never been any credible evidence of a particular threat to national security. And really, if the biggest problem facing Australia is that some people will do anything to come and live here, then we shouldn't feel concerned, we should feel flattered.


But Julia Gillard won't give this issue the short shrift it deserves, because she fears losing an election over the dastardly boat people. And while it's extraordinary that one of Tony Abbott's four major campaign priorities is to stop the boats, he wouldn't be repeating the promise every five seconds if it wasn't effective.



Sad indictment of Australian society public concern about "fair go" and "queue jumping", but for many a proxy argument for racist views, when one is told, in private, that we are becoming too "brown", or problems brought by "those types" etc., often from Australians who are not affected or impacted by immigration, refugees etc... not to forget the authoritarian nature of Australian society and its love for rules and regulations, which wants to be told by the state what to do and requires no personal responsibility.... nor helped by very limited media no longer reflecting the diversity of Oz....

Andrew Smith, B. Bus., M. Ed. Web http://www.aiec.hu Blog http://aiecquest.wordpress.com

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