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Hey, anyone got any idea on the processing time for citizenship applications? On December 14th I will have been here for 4 years and will be eligible to apply. I have all the relevant documentation, have a house/job here in Melbourne etc...etc...Have asked a few people and they have been pretty vague ie: 'I think it was quite quick'. My understanding from the website is that you apply on line, then you get a phonecall/e-mail to attend an appointment...at which point they check all your documentation and arrange a citizenship test. Then, at some point after that, they make a decision and inform you yay or nay. (Some mates reckon in the past they just asked you in for your meeting and you were basically granted citizenship there and then - but the process is now more protracted due to citizenship test etc....)


I understand i would also have to attend a citizenship ceremony, probably months later, but at this stage just wondering about timescales for the application process. I think I read somewhere 12 weeks, but advice from someone who has applied recently would be ace.



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