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If you're looking for cheap luggage for 1 way trip...

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I have been scouring the sales for cheap suitcases to make our journey to Oz in October. We have suitcases but due to double baggage allowance we needed more to accommodate all our stuff.


Anyway, in a shop called 'Priceless Shoes' they sell these amazing holdalls on wheels with a pull handle. They are £10 each and are ideal if you want something cheap just to get your stuff there. They are huge and can hold just as much stuff as a large expanding suitcase.


I bought one from them about 5 years ago and its been on many journeys and a couple of festivals with us and a wheel finally broke on it in April (though it still did the job).


Just thought i'd share with you incase someone is in a similar situation.



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Guest annemarie and brian

yes i agree we have a couple of them bought our first one 7yrs ago and another last year and they have been brill for cheap ones.


annemarie xxx

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