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scarlet mia

Any info on visa sent 16 months ago.

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Hi I have n,t been on here for a while and I am trying to get some idea of what is happening with the visa situation. We lodged ours 16 months ago skilled 175. Husband is skilled sheet metal worker and was on the sol but a couple of months later he wasn,t. Had a look on the DIAC website and have been reading loads of threads and am I right in thinking it could take a couple of years. Was also wondering if immigration could not even process without telling me. Just thought we would of heard something by now.

Seems to be in such a mess life has been on hold now for ages.

Thankyou to anyone who takes time to help. x

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There has been some updated guidance issued recently. The firts thing you need to do is look up the new SOL and determine whether your husband's occupation is on schedule 3 or schedule 4 of the new SOL. (Ignore schedules 1 and 2).


If you are on Schedule 3 then according to the new guidelines your application should be dealt with before December 2011. Being positive, perhaps it wil be before then, they are not going to finalise all the applications on one day in december.


If you are on Schedule 4 then, well actually I cannot remember what it says, but you would be in for a very long wait I am afraid.

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