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Help with, electrical contractors, employer sponsored visa's.

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I am an electrician in the UK and am looking for an electrical company to sponsor my visa.


I am interested in living in Melbourne/Mornington area and was wondering if anybody knows of any large electrical contractors locally??


I'd also be interested in hearing from people who have gone over on a employer sponsored visa as I would like to know how the process works.


And finally does anybody know how much AUD$ would a industrial/commercial electrician earn annually?


Many Thanks




(I also posted this in the Victoria section)

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Hi Ricky,


From what i understand its extremely difficult for electricians to get sponsorship because of the licencing issues.

My oh is a spark and he's been applying to jobs all over Australia and to be honest he hasn't had much interest its the same story contact us when your in Australia and have your licence.

Its not even a question of experience as my oh has a very good CV.

Sorry i cant be more positive that's just our experience but in saying that he will keep trying.


I think the wage for sparks varies depending on state and type of work anywhere from $20 to $40 per hour.

Have you applied for a visa yet ? if not i would if you can and apply for SS for Vic at the mo your cat 3 but could move to cat 2 soon.

Best of luck.


TRA Jan 2010, Visa application, 7th MAY 2010, Visa granted 18/02/2011.

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I must just reiterate exactly what Maria has just said... it is extremely hard to get sponsorship for electricians as you need to do so many more tests once you get out there in order to work, and get your A grade licence.

We have also tried numerous companies , and same old story im afraid. Call us when your here ???


Scott and Tina

Scott and Tina, WA SS applied 31/07/09. 175 app 08/09/09. .... Received SS 10/02/10. . Yippeeee ! CO assigned 18/01/11. medicals 4/2/2011, police checks sent 23/2/2011.... visa granted 28/03/2011. flights booked for 22nd june. YAY !!!

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Guest JK2510



I think its pretty much the same with all trades. Job sponsorship is a nightmare. My OH is an air con engineer and his current company in the UK have an office in Perth and they wouldnt even sponsor him. They did say if he could get there in 6 weeks he could have the job! Easier said than done! We have had no more communication with them and on seek.comau they are now advertising for the 2nd time. its been 8 weeks now. Whos the loser now!!:laugh:

My OH knows someone(Sparky) who wanted to move to oz but was put off by having to start his trade from scratch.

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