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Guest Pixie10

Sponsorship IT

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Guest Pixie10

How do we get sponsorship?


We are looking into sponsorship for my OH and was hoping for a bit of advice.


He's in IT (MCSE, CCNA, AVAYA etc) should we just send cv's to as many companies as possible?


Should he apply for jobs and then ask for sponsorship?


Anyone used Catapult People?

What should we be doing?


Any tips/advice gratefully accepted! Please help!! :wink:

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I don't know the answer, but thought I'd bump this up.


Annette, Steve, Ben and Buddy the dog.

<>< :wubclub:

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Guest yorkh

which kind of sponsorship do you want to apply for? employer or state?

you may access DIAC website and get more information about each.

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I assume it's employer sponsor, either 457 or 121 visa category, is that correct?

I'm in the same boat (so to speak) trying to get employer sponsored and finding it difficult to say the least. I've had one detailed chat (interview) and then they said they couldn't wait the time for the visa to go through. No reponses from most agencies, in saying that they are all very nice when you ring enquiring about posted positions.

I thought i would do the same as you, at the start, to send out CV's to all the companies but found it difficult to find any email to send them to and physically mailing them isn't really an option. So now i've set up the job alerts from seek, mycareer,..etc and any direct employer advertised jobs, i ring. I'm sick of ringing agencies. A bit disheartening but you have to persevere.

I haven't tried any of the 'agencies' (only ten weeks in)that say they will get you a job as to be honest, i haven't heard of anyone that has used them and been successfull.


If you have any tips (or anyone else) can we all post them here for those that are trying in this difficult situation?


anyway, that's the end of my mini-rant and the best of luck to you,



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Guest Pixie10

Thanks all,


Yeah its 457 we are looking at- HarryOb1 we will post any details we get about how to go about it- good luck! x

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I am not sure I can offer any advice or tips on how to get IT sponsorship as I tried and failed.

But I am happy to share my experience and offer an opinion or two.


I am an IT Manager with over 20 years experience in IT and applied for a visa in Feb 09. To speed things up, plus I had engineered my own redundancy in July 09, I was trying to get sponsorship so I used the following approach:


- Register on Seek, MyCareer etc

- Register and speak with every Agency I could find

- Register with all the big companies I knew of (HP, IBM, QANTAS, Virgin, WoolWorths . . . )

- Look at council, schools, trusts etc career sites

- Use my network of friends, ex-colleagues etc in Oz



There was certainly no shortage of jobs and I must have applied for well over 250. But I only got close to one interview and that got cancelled last minute as they found someone local.


Granted, it could have been me, my CV, skillset, experience and so on but the overwhelming response was always you MUST have a visa or at the very least be here in Oz.

I think if you are face to face down there you stand a chance but it is an expensive trip that could result in nothing.


I am sure if you have a really niche skill then you stand a better chance. But I have now given up applying or even looking for sponsorship.


I wish you the best of luck.

Hope I don't sound too negative.

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