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AUSTRALIA would slash its foreign student intake under a coalition government

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Some point to be noted from the news article...

1.Mr Abbott said he would not cut the employer-nominated categories – because business needed to continue to grow – or the family reunion program.


2.The planned cuts will focus on family and student visa programs, while skilled migration would largely be quarantined.


3.Mr Abbott said the Coalition would keep skilled migration numbers up, but would crack down on "dubious educational and family-reunion applicants".


4.he Coalition would begin a White Paper on immigration if they win office to set out a detailed plan for enacting the cuts to immigration programs, and release a discussion paper by the end of the year on the topic.


Although Mr Morrison would not detail where the cuts would be made, he indicated that family and student visa programs were the bulk of the remaining visa classes that were not protected under the Coalition's new policy.



Read more on this story here....

Libs would slash foreign student intake | The Daily Telegraph




I do not know whether Coalition is really serious about these immigration reforms. If this is true then I would expect Coalition would be far better than Evan's. I



But on the other hand If these are just election stunts to attract voters then I am afraid after election things will change.

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