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IT Occupations and the new SOL

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Hi all,


Gill (our ever-helpful moderator) has asked me to pen a few lines to try to explain the situation for IT professionals in the new post-1 July 2010 world.


A summary of which IT occupation is on the new SOL and which one is not on the new SOL here:

Ptlabs Consulting - IT Occupations.


Existing overseas students currently studying IT in Australia will, in general, need to nominate an occupation on the new SOL to stand a chance of getting permanent residence. This change which was brought in in 1 July 2010 has obviously caused a fair bit of confusion and nervousness amongst overseas students who are not yet in a position to apply for a skilled permanent visa.


Aspiring migrants who are overseas who plan to apply for a skilled visa will need to have an occupation on the new SOL. Alternatively, state migration plans (SMP) may offer a separate pathway to those whose occupations are not on the new SOL. However, SMPs are not expected to be published until Sept 2010 at the earliest due to the upcoming Australian federal elections.


Applicants who have previously obtained a ASCO-based ACS result may need to apply for a review (if the result was issued between 1 May 2010 and 30 June 2010) or apply for a new skills assessment if the result was issued before 1 May 2010. If the latter, the new application will be based on the current 1 July 2010 ACS guidelines.


DIAC has issued an "endorsed" mapping between ASCO and ANZSCO codes, which includes some IT occupations. Anyone holding a 2231-79 whether including MODL or not will not automatically map into an new SOL occupation. This means if you hold such a 2231-79 result, you will need to go back to the ACS for a new skills assessment application or for a review to "translate" the ASCO code into an appropriate ANZSCO code. There is no automatic/default mapping for 2231-79 to an SOL ANZSCO code as 2231-79 was used to place a multitude of IT sub-occupations in the past.


There are clearly a number of competent registered migration agents who are active on this forum. I would urge anyone in an IT occupation who is thinking about applying for a skilled visa to seriously consider engaging the professional assistance of such an agent, especially one who is IT aware, as the complexity of an ACS-related skilled visa application has risen significantly from 1 July 2010.




Ptlabs Consulting Pty Ltd | MARN 0427067 | http://ptlabs.com.au/

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