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Guest Joe Kerr

Vetassess, Similar

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Guest Joe Kerr

Hi All,

New to this, but would appreciate any info.

Was in Perth on Hols in March, 3rd year running and am looking at relocating from UK.

Due to age, 54, no jokes Now!!!, find it a bit hard.

Had an interview with a Perth based Electrical Contractor for a Project Engineer while I was over there and their MD said I should do the VETASSES in the UK. Is the the best or only option to me???

My partner has 3 sisters who reside in Perth and both her sons are at present on working visas in Australia.

Any info would be appreciated.


Joe Kerr

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Sorry Joe, i dont want to seem rude but is that your real name.....


Yes mate Vetassess is the path for you to follow to the Holy Grail of Lancashire..


Cheers Mate Nick the Plumber..

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Guest Joe Kerr

Yip, name is for real.

Actually, Joseph Thomas Edmond Kerr to be precise!!!


Cheers for reply


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No dramas mate..


I dont know about the visa Joe but if you are a normal sparks then the Vetassess route is the way, there are a good many sparks and techs on here that can give more advice and better probaly too..



I only know about the gas and water side mate...


Good Luck.... Christ you must have taken a lot with that name bud...


Keep smiling untill you jump in that pool...


Cheers Nick...

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Guest chris_mac

Hi Joe


Welcome to poms in oz.


My best advice would be to speak to a reputable migration agent who could give you real options. Lets not pretend your age is definately against you as are the whole immigration policies/procedures at the moment.


Additionally, becoming a spark in oz is not as easy as people think. Vetassess only assesses you for migration purposes only. It has very little or no relevance once in oz. There are many many other factors to bare in mind. I would suggest you look at the link below which will give you a good idea of what sparks have to do just to get a licence to work.




Apologies if this isnt what you wanted to hear but even for young couples with skills in demand, loads of points etc they still have to jump through all the hoops.


Heres a few links for your information.


Electrician (general) - 341111


General Skilled Migration


VETASSESS - Vocational Education Training and Assessment Services


Retirement - Visitors - Visas & Immigration


Good luck Joe



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