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Receiving money via Moneycorp?

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Hi everyone


I have been asked if I can receive money via Moneycorp as it might be cheaper for me to receive the money this way and for the person to send it.


Does anyone know if this is possible? Is there any cost to me to set up / receive / withdraw via Moneycorp?


Any advice would be appreciated.








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Hi Rudi,


We used Moneycorp last time when we transferred money from the UK, they were excellent. We didn't have to pay any fees as are members of PIO. I would send a PM to Johnfrommoneycorp, he is very efficient and will tell you if you have to pay as a receiver.


I certainly did not have to pay any charges on my account with ANZ when we recieved the money, but did when we used a previous company, so it might be worthwhile checking with your bank on international credits.


The exchange rate from the UK-Oz is pants at the minute, so whoever wants to pay you will be getting a better deal for their money rather than using their bank.


Hope this helps




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