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Guest Keith24

Tax Returns for a Temporary Resident

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Guest Keith24



I left Australia in March and left with a Friend (accountant) all of my information so he could fill in and lodge my Tax Returns. I spoke to him in April and he said

"they have changed over systems and it takes longer when lodged manually" however he did say he had completed it and said we should hear something back soon.


I was just wondering seen as it is July whether this is the normal wait to hear back, seen as its only just been the end of the tax year.


Any information would be gratefully received please?




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Guest Mark X

When you receive the formal notification/refund depends on how it was filed with the ATO. Postal applications take up to 42 days and applications using the online service 'etax' take around 14 days (although I believe it is taking longer at the moment due to the number of people inputting their returns).


Did you put your UK details down or will any return be going to an Australian bank account?


Below is a useful link to the ATO with more details about how and when you'll hear from them


Guide to payments and refunds


Hope that helps






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