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Guest ian877

How to transfer from RAF to RAAF?

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Guest ian877

Hi all,


We are new to the site and thought this would be the ideal place to find some answers to our questions. We (Debra & Ian) have been considering a move to Oz for a number of years, but now seems to be the ideal time to persue it. My husband has served 20 years in the RAF and is coming up to his last 2 years. Ian is currently based at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall. He is an Aircraft Technician (Mechanical).


We have been endlessly searching the net for info about transferring from the RAF to the RAAF. We have visited the obvious sites (RAAF, Australia House/High Commission) none of these seem to specifically cater for a transfer between air forces.


Please can anyone help? We need a footing to start the ball rolling. Where do we start? Any information or advice will be gratefully received.


Thanks All


Debs and Ian

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Hi there,

See the attached link Recruitment Centre | Defence Jobs as this states they are not looking for overseas applicants and therefore the likelihood is you would be unable to transfer across. I am in the RN and have been informed it is easier to leave one service and then join another as a civvi rather than transfer.

Hope you find what you are looking for.


Applied 176 visa (family sponsored) 09 Sept 10/ DIAC email received 18 Mar 11/ Meds finalised 15 Apr 11/ Police Cert 30 Apr 11/ VISA GRANTED 17 MAY 2011 :biggrin:

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We had heard that the australian services were stopping recruiting for a bit accept for the list on RAN mainly subs now ( hubby is in the Rn and he missed the boat for his branch by a few months :( ).

So we are going civvieside now


If the world were a logical place, men would ride side saddle:cute:

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