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Guest Lankan1

IT Professionals 2231-79 ASCO to ANZSCO transitional confusions!

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Guest Lankan1

After seeing NSW state list http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/migration/pdfdocuments/STNI_Criteria_STNI_Skilled.pdf


Couple of things were puzzling in my mind,



  • In the list under the ANZSCO code 261313 they have mentioned the specialization as Java.
  • But according to the SOL schedule 4, previous ASCO code 2231-79 (Software Engineers with specializations such as Java, C#, C++ etc.) mapped with ANZSCO 261399
  • Also in above link, IELTS score mentioned as 7 and is it overall score or each component ?


After seen this list, I was thinking probably they would have mistakenly mapped previous code 2231-79 (Software Engineers with specializations) into 261399.


Based on this, I guess there will be a high chance that, if you have a successful assessment with 2231-79 (Java, C#, C++ etc.) and If you apply for a re-assessment you'll most likely get 261313.


With ANZSCO code 261313 we can proceed with;


  • GSM 175 with IELTS 7 (each component)



??? :goofy:

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