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If ACS apply 60 day appeal rule, I'm going to lose it!!!

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I received a +ve assessment under 2231-79 .NET on 4th May 2010.


I've read from a PIO user that if he is to apply to be re-assessed for the transfer of ASCO code to ANZCO code, then it must be done within the 60 days or he will have to re-apply again!!


60 days after I received my assessment is 2nd July (3 days ago). I haven't applied for re-assessment yet as I am waiting for the SMP's to be announced. The new SOL only came out a couple of weeks ago.


I've emailed ACS but still waiting for their response.


Anyone else heard anything regarding this??



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Guest tarini



I emailed again to ACS for confirmation about the 60 day time limit and asked to be sure that I must apply for review before July 11th ( as my ACS letter was dated 11th May). Here is what I got the reply


"I have just confirmed for you re the 60 day Review time frame and have had confirmation that this will not apply to the people applying for a Review under the transitional arrangements.



I think we fall under the transitional arrangement so 60 day time limit doesn't apply to us. Pretty much that's what this reply means. Yet I emailed ACS again with the question "can I wait for SMPs to come out in August and apply then for the free review? ". As you can see its a "Yes/No" type question. Let's see what I get in reply.


best regards


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