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Guest tarini

ACS free review application timeline

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Guest tarini

I asked ACS when should I make my review application, whethere there is a deadline for it and here is what they replied ..





As your letter is dated 11 May you meet the requirements to receive a free Review. Please note Reviews MUST be applied for within 60 days from the date of your result letter otherwise you will need to lodge a new application.

Please apply for the review of your original skills assessment using Application for Review of PASA available from the Migration Skills Assessment Section on the ACS website ACS (Australian Computer Society) - Membership, Professionalism and Leadership for ICT Professionals and the ICT Community

Please note that it is an applicant's responsibility to nominate an occupation that corresponds to applicant's qualifications and experience and is on SOL/ENSOL at the time of application. We cannot offer advice as to which occupation to nominate.



If you are uncertain whether your skills assessment is acceptable for a visa application, or have further questions regarding the above, please contact DIAC to discuss your situation."


My letter was dated May 11th, 2010. which means I need to apply for free review before July 11th. Otherwise, will have to do full application.


As I'm not sure which occupation to nominate ( I have been assessed as 2231-79 ( Unix 0)) I was planning to wait for SMPs to come out and decide which one to nominate. But seems like ACS won't let me to have that opportunity.


I need to take a risk by nominating either Software Engineer or Systems Administraor. I'm afraid that I may be seen unsuitable for the first one .. and 2nd one may not appear on SMPs.


Thought this info would be helpful for peoples who are in same situation as me.










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