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Advice for something complicated

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Hope someone can help me on this one.


I have currently held a 457 Visa since Nov 2008 and was due to relocate Jan 09, thanks to the global recession I am still here in the UK :sad:. However my sponsor is now in a position to take me probably in Jan 2011. Do I need to get the x-rays and medicals redone, is my visa still active? On the 457 Visa is my wife, my daughter age 17 and myself.


Next Question:

The daughter now has a boyfriend and he wants to come with us too. I have an inclin that he may be able to go on a working holiday visa or a study visa, is this correct?


Next Question:

My other halve has now said her son (my stepson age 24) wants to come too, it doesn't get as complecated as this. Again I think he can come on a working holiday visa or a study visa he is a bar manger with a liquor certificate.


Any help will be much apprieciated :notworthy:

Online Assesment 30/04/08, Sponsor Found 24/06/08, Deposit Paid To Agent 25/06/08, 457 Visa application Lodged 18/09/08 X-Rays completed 15/10/08, Daughters Medical Completed,Visa granted 11 Nov 2008 Time to fly Jan 2nd 2011, Living in Hoppers Crossing

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