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Employer Sponsorship....how long for visa process

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I am currently working hard to find employer sponsorship in WA. Let's get ahead of ourselves and imagine I am successful in finding a sponsor :jiggy:


What timescales would I expect to face for the visa process? Would I still need my skills assessed, and if so would you recommend I have my skills assessed up front?


Thanks everyone for any advice / support.

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I believe it depends on what employer sponsored visa you go for. There's two types - temporary and permanent.


The temporary worker visas I know of are the 457 business visa. There's a few options to it, but essentially it's got three steps:


1. Your employer has to be approved to sponsor a worke (the sponsorship, must meet financial and training criteria, nothing to do with you at this stage)

2. Your position must be approved (the nomination, your occupation must be on the approved list http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/sbs/457occupations.pdf)

3. The application - you apply for the position nominated in 2.


The DIAC website has loads of information, but you don't really have to concern yourself with steps 1 and 2 - they're for the employer. Doesn't hurt to help them and out and nudge them though! It can all be done onine and is relatively cheap too.


For permanent, there's also a few options. The one I know of is the Employer Nominated Sponsorship 121/856 visas. It's only two steps this time.


1. Your employer nominates a position on the ENSOL which is approved. The employer must meet financial, trading and training criteria and be able to justify the position. Costs the employer about $445. The position must be available for a period of 3 years.

2. You apply for the position - costs about $2500.


For you to meet the criteria, you must of worked for the employer for 2 years on a temporary visa or you must of had a positive skills assessment in your occupation, or you must be an "executive" earning over $165,000.


The 457 temporary visa might be an option to get a foot in the door.


Best of luck!

ENS 121 submitted 22/04/2010, approved 04/10/2010.

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What is the difference between the 121 and 856? Also, must you work for the employer for 3 yrs after getting this?


Asking for a relative who looked into this type of visa, but hasnt yet worked for the employer for a straight 2 yrs, they had a break in the middle but have worked for them for 3 yrs! They now need to wait til January til they have a straight 2 yrs continual employment, but wondering if by then, things will have changed. Also wondering if they're tied to it for that timeframe after getting PR.




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121 is "offshore" - meant to be used if you're not in Australia. It's either more expensive or cheaper - can't remember which, one or the other. You can apply for it when you're in Australia (like I did) but you have to be offshore to activate. You can use the application fee for a 175 for the 121, which is what I did.


856 is "onshore" - you don't have to leave Oz to activate.


Other than that, I think they're the same.


For both, the position has to be available for 3 years. The exact wording of the two years is here:


Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856)


Looks like you have to of worked for your employer for 12 month but must of worked in the occupation on a valid temporary visa for 2 years before application.

ENS 121 submitted 22/04/2010, approved 04/10/2010.

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