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261112 - Systems Analyst

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Due to the recent re structure of the SOL List. I am unsure of who woud be the Skills Assessment Authorty for Migration purposes for the following occupation, 261112 - Systems Analyst, which is on the new SOL List.


Do you think this would fall with the ACS Assessing Authority or Vetassese?


Thank you very much for your help

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Just trying to be helpful but ACS have always assessed all Computed related skills as far as I'm aware... At least in the last 2 years!

I doubt that would change as ACS stands for Australian Computer Society as I'm sure you are aware.

17/02/09 ACS RPL 2231-79 (Network Security) ¦ 02/05/09 ACS Result ¦ 08/05/09 175 Visa Application(Online) ¦ 29/09/09 Case Officer ¦ 09/10/09 Meds Done¦ 12/09/09 PCC’s Sent ¦ 27/10/09 Meds Finalised ¦ 09/11/09 Visa Granted!

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It will be the Aussie Comp Society.... I have just submitted my skills assesment for the same code to them today....

IELTS: Lx.x,Rx.x,Wx.x,Sx.x | Australian Computer Society Applied xx/xx/xx, Positive Skills Assessed (xxxxxx Systems Analyst) xx/xx/xx | EOI xx/xx/12 | 189 Invitation to Apply (70 points) xx/xx/12 | 189 Applied xx/xx/12 | CO Assigned xx/xx/12 | | Police Cert xx/xx/12 | Medical xx/xx/12 | VISA

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