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Idiots Guide to Tax returns

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First experience of having to actually file a tax return here in Oz.


Can someone explain the process or put me in the right direction of an idiots guide?


I am here on a post grad research visa, I don't know if that makes any difference.


Thank you,





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Download the etax pack from the ATO (available 1 July I think) E-tax essentials and select the prefill which will give much of your information anyway and answer the questions honestly. Be sure to have receipts for what you claim and submit electronically. Doesnt work on macs though, you do have to use a pc unless they have fixed that up this year. Shouldnt take too long.


If your return is complicated then best advice is to head off to a tax agent - the likes of HRBLock are all over the place and they dont charge much and you can claim it back off tax the next year.

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