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Guest supersye

hoping to move to oz! soooooo many questions.

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Guest supersye

my wife and i are hoping to move to oz in the next few months. My wife is already an aussie citizen.We married 2 years ago and have been together 5 years. After a run of bad luck and difficulty in my wife obtaining a job as a teacher,weve had enough! Had enough of the crap weather,enough of being cold,enough of being treated like crap,enough of the bad manners. Were thinking of aplying for bankruptcy before we go as we dont want to move to oz with debts. My wife is an australian citizen but i have to obtain an migration visa. will going bankrupt effect the process?


Will we be able to get a mortage if we declare bankruptcy in the uk?If not how long will we have to wait or will we never get one?


Do we have to declare that weve gone bankrupt in the uk?


Does anyone know of any companies that can help with this or even act on our behalf while we move and start our new life?


Can we move to oz while the bancruptcy is being processed or do we have to wait until the end? i know there are no travel restrictions during bankruptcy. We have a contact address to leave in oz as my wifes parents live there.


Many thanks for any help provided. my appologies if this is in the wrong section,its my first time!!

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