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461 Visa

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Guest victorbon


I am a NZ citizen and my wife has got this 461 visa 2 years back and now we would like to move to Australia. She travelled before on a visitor visa, including myself (NZ citizen). After getting the 461 visa can she travel alone to Australia and secure a job or do we have to travel together. I would appreciate if someone can please help me with this query.

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hi im a bit confused about the 461 visa


my fiance is a n.z citizen we have been together for 2.5 yrs but only been living together since 23 september 2009 when i moved in with him and then we moved again and got the lease in both our names- ok i know it sounds simple but the confusing part is that Feb 2010 my working holiday visa ended and i had to leave australia so i went to n.z to live with his dad and brother. So i eventually got back to oz in 2010 and me and my fiance have been living together again.


Question is:


1.) do we have to be living together continously for 12 months?

2)Does it matter that we havent lived together all the time? due to visa ending?

3.)statuatory declarations- is there a specific form or can we just type it out and print it?



many thanks

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