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Guest Spooners Down Under

Urgent advice re medicals pretty please??

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Guest Spooners Down Under

My parents have applied for a CPV143 and are now looking into applying for a 676 Tourist Visa to "kill" the waiting time in Oz. :cool: Once they reach the stage in their CPV143 where they are asked to have their medicals done, will they have to return to UK or can they be done here in Oz? :err:


Also, for them to be able to ship their belongings at this stage (ie whilst coming out on tourist visa and before permanent visa has been granted), will it be necessary to do it in my name? If so, does this have to be done in a "hush hush" manner (ie so that Oz don't realise the goods belong to them)? Does this also mean keeping it quiet from the UK shipping firm they choose, or is it ok for them to know what is going on?


We have so many queries and questions, but these are two we would really appreciate some urgent advice on PLEASE! :confused:


Big thank you in advance to anyone who can help us! :wink:

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