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Guest VIJ

Seek advice:RSMS-857 for "Restaurant Manager" but assessed "Hotel/Motel Manager"

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Guest VIJ

Hi, all. I am new to this valuable forum and need urgent assistance in to apply RSMS-857 Visa, luckily i got employer in regional Victoria and he is willing to sponsor me as a "Restaurant Manager" but also suspicious about my qualification assessment which has "Hotel/Motel Manager (ASCO-3323-11, degree level, 50 point) been assessed on the basis of previously done Bachelor Degree and work experience in home country before 1st Jan 2010.


I have been in oz 2.5 year under 572 Student Visa in a hope of getting GSM visa after study but now we all knows, it's very far away. I did consult this matter with 2 RMA's but both gave me contradictory views, one said yes and other no. So, I decide to seek advise from migration forum on web and also did independent research through immigration website but still not having any good result in hand, I have couple of questions, which concerns my prospective employer and me:


1. Can employer seek exemption for mentioned issue of relevant or irrelevant qualification assessment?


2. Is my qualification OK for RSMS-857 ? (As i got "Diploma of Management + certificate III in Food Processing (Retail Baking-Combined)


3. Should find another employer of Hotel or Motel? (But not easy now day's....)


4. If all wouldn't go well then what other options for me to stay here? Because i love OZ and wanna be long here..........


Please help me out of this. "Gill's advice would be appreciated in advance..........."

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