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Guest Siavash

Pros, Please help… is Engineers Australia skill assessment enough as a proof of ...

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Guest Siavash

Is Engineers Australia skill assessment and State Sponsorship enough as a proof of being employed on the assessed/sponsored occupation?


I am actually an Industrial Engineer (non-CSL) and have mainly worked for 5 years in this field, but I got my skill assessment and state sponsorship (VIC) for the Plant Engineer occupation (CSL).


I lodged my 176 application with the Plant Engineer occupation so that it could be processed faster; my work experience is more relevant to the Industrial Engineer occupation than Plant Engineer. Do you think this will cause an issue in my application or having an almost relevant work experience to the application occupation is good enough?


Will DIAC count on the successful skill assessment and the state sponsorship as a good proof that I am a Plant Engineer though my work experience so far has mainly revolved around Industrial Engineer? :smile:


Your reply is much appreciated,


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