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Guest kukabarra

Proof of funds for GSM?

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Guest kukabarra

Hey all,


does anyone knows how the "proof of funds" work? Do they really check your bank account etc?


I am going for Northern Territory regional sponsored and they require 35k AUD of funds and I only have half of that at the moment!


They also do not mention how much of it must be in cash..:unsure:

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Some states like to see a bank statement (QLD and ACT) whereas others don't seem bothered at all!! In some cases equity is sufficient. We had to borrow as our funds are all tied up. Not sure about NT specifically but I'm sure someone will be along in a minute!



VISA GRANTED 10.11.10 Arrived in Brisbane on 17.02.11 Citizenship in progress. Migrating was the best decision I ever made :smile:

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