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Guest smoggieswilltravel

For all those with absent Ex's that require Stat Decs.

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Guest smoggieswilltravel


I just thought that I would post with some positive news and hopefully give some hope to all you parents out there who may have had a similar situation.


Basically in a nut shell, it goes like this, me, daughter, once married, long time divorced (14 yrs) and never any relationship between between birth father and daughter. Ex ignores all correspondence to sigh any stat dec and requests for my OH to adopt daughter, this has gone on for 2 yrs.


We are going on a 457 visa so may be different for PR visa's but I did my own stat dec, explaining the situation and outlining our attempts to make contact. Solicitor wrote a letter supporting this.


Just heard today that immigration are happy with this, Hipppeeeee. So they have hearts and regognise that these situation do happen and its no fault of our own. So chin up for all those mum's, dad's and kids that maybe in the same situation.


My advise, involve a solicitor, record all dates of correspondence and do it by the book so that immigration can see that you played fare and have tried all avenues. I think that is all they expect of you and it covers them if any Ex's come after them.


Good luck to you all:thumbsup:

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