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Guest ChezOfOz

Ex pom wants brit passport

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Guest ChezOfOz

Hi everyone,


Just wanting some advice on how to go about applying for a British Passport.


My history:- I came out from UK to Oz as a child on my parents passport back in the 70's have lived continuiously in Australia since I was 9 yrs old and have Australian Citizenship. I now want to apply for a British Passport and not sure exactly how to go about organising it. Ie can I print the forms on line or do I have to go to the Post Office to organise forms? My Mom still has our family's original passport and I reverted back to my maiden name since a divorce years ago so even my name is the same as what it was as a child, I also have all the support documents I would need. just not sure which way to go with this application.


Would appreciate any advice.





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Guest proud2beaussie

Hi C,

Go to http://ukinaustralia.fco.gov.uk/en/,download the forms and fee sheets ,print them off,fill them in and take them with your passport photos and other documents to an Australia Post outlet that processes them,pay the fee and wait between 4-6 weeks and hey presto you should be ok.


Applying for a UK passport in Australia


Applicants in Australia can submit their applications through selected Australia Post outlets. Staff will check your passport application with you face-to-face before forwarding on for processing at the Regional Passport Processing Centre in New Zealand. You should apply at least 6 weeks before travel. We aim to get your passport back to you within 3-4 weeks, but this does not take into account any possible delays in the postage courier system.

All applications sent directly to the British High Commission in Canberra will be returned. This also applies to applications made in person in Canberra or at any other British Consulate in Australia.

Simple guide to applying for or renewing a UK passport:




  1. Download and print out the application form and the passport fee sheet [PDF 211KB, opens in new window]
  2. Download and print out the relevant checklist
  3. Prepare the documents to support your application. See our guide to supporting documents [PDF 512KB, opens in new window]
  4. Enclose two identical passport photographs, taken within the last month
  5. Lodge your application at a selected Australia Post outlet


Most first time applications are delayed due to incorrect documents or badly completed forms. In some cases this can cause delays of up to 2-3 months, so please read the relevant checklist carefully.

For information on






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