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ENS 121/856 - Withdrawal of Employment

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Hi. Don't know if anyone has experience or can offer any advice on this.


OH and I were granted permanent residency visa under the ENS 121/856 December 09. We've just been finalising our plans for a move by mid August to ensure we validate the visa before 16th Sept. We've just received email saying the company are now withdrawing the job offer! We've paid all expenses for this so they've not contributed in any way other than nominating us.


My point is - can we still move out to Australia under this visa without the job in place? We plan to seek an alternative employer before the move takes place or is there some sort of check to make sure we have that employment once we land? The visa has no restrictions and said that as long as we validated before 16th Sept we could then leave or enter the country as we please for up to five years at which time we either have citizenship or apply for RRS.


We're not sure what we can do and whether to go ahead with a flight to validate with a view to securing employment before or while we're there.


Any pointers please?



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