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Abbot will cut immigration if elected

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Guest steve the spark
Abbott cracks down on population growth | The Daily Telegraph


OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has vowed to keep population growth in Australia to below 30 million by 2050 and will more than halve the current immigration rate to achieve it.



as they cannot organise a piss up in a brewery ( iether side ) i find more than hard to believe that they could manage iether by hook or crook the population growth in 39 yrs time

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I guess if Australia going to grow as a Nation it going to cut off it own switches with young people traveling oversea to see the world and to work in places that are willing to pay more then here and people wanting to move here for different reason either to be with there Australian partners or have skills that are in demand in all instants people bring skills and life experiences with them and for Australia to be a major world player it needs migration. The USA grew through immgration over a 200 year period

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